If you are selling products that need to take a longer time for order preparation, such as customized or handmade items, you can choose to enable the Pre-order option in your TikTok Shop. This blog article will cover all the info related to Pre-order on TikTok Shop. Read on, so you will know if you will be eligible for the Pre-order option and how to set Pre-order on TikTok Shop.

 How to Set Up Pre-order on TikTok Shop?

What are Pre-Orders on TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop regards Pre-Orders as products that require 3 or more calendar days to prepare orders. Examples of such items typically include customized or handmade items, since sellers may need a longer time to hand over their products to the logistics partner.

Listing products as Pre-Orders will allow sellers to extend the preparation time for their products by an additional 3 to 30 calendar days.

TikTok Shop Pre-Order Qualification Guidelines

Sellers must meet the following criteria to qualify for the listing of Pre-Orders on TikTok Shop.

  1. All sellers must have been invited by TikTok Shop.

  2. Sellers with prior Pre-Orders must fulfill the following criteria:

    a. Seller-fault Cancellation Rate for Pre-Orders must be <10% AND;

    b. <15 Pre-Orders canceled within 30 calendar days (on orders created between 8 to 37 calendar days prior to the listing of new Pre-Orders).

  3. The shop must be selling customized or handmade items. Other products that require special arrangements may also be considered by TikTok Shop on a case by case basis. Any special arrangements may be accepted or refused by TikTok Shop in its sole and absolute discretion.

NOTE: The above criteria will be accessed every Monday.

How to set a pre-order product listing on TikTok Shop?

Login to your TikTok Shop Seller Center, hit Products > Manage Products, click on the Edit icon on the right side of a product.

On the product editing page, scroll down to the Sales Information section and you will see the Pre-order option.

You can enable the Pre-order option and enter a number between 3-30.
How to Set Up Pre-order on TikTok Shop?

If you are selling customized or handmade products that need a longer order preparation time, you can set Pre-order listings on your TikTok Shop. If you are not yet invited by TikTok Shop, you can contact their customer service for more info.