In order to adapt to the changing economic situation and different buyers' needs, Shopee Malaysia recently updated several policies. As a "middleman" between Shopee and sellers, Bigseller is paying close attention to these hot topics and hopes to help sellers make better use of these policies to increase sales. The following are our suggestions for sellers:

1. Platform policy adjustments:

🔴APT: What is it

Content: Adjusting the Preferred seller APT standard

🟠COM: What is it

Content: Expanding product range

2. Effects of policy adjustments:

🟡 Delay in refund time

🟢 Mandatory COD for sellers

🔵 Some sellers have been reported to have been banned

3. Suggestion:

① Regarding the adjustment of APT, the only thing sellers can control is to shorten the picking and packing time. Although many sellers are using custom face sheets to pick and pack, for sellers with large order volumes, batch picking and batch packing may be more efficient. Therefore, you can use custom summary sheets, scan packing lists, and custom picking lists to improve picking and packing efficiency. In addition, if you are still using inventory functions, we recommend using batching to process orders, which will be more efficient. Welcome to contact our customer service to find out which picking and packing method would be more effective for your current situation.

② Additionally, because the platform has requirements for COD and COM returns, we recommend that sellers process their return orders through BigSeller using Return Management so that products can be returned directly to their inventory, making return order and inventory management more accurate and time-saving.

Suggestions for How to Boost Sales in Shopee Malaysia 2024

③ The delay in refund time has made many sellers worry about the timeliness and accuracy of refunds. Sellers can use BigSeller's Payment Reconciliation function to clearly see which orders have been completed but not refunded. Combining BigSeller's Profit Report function will have better results.
Suggestions for How to Boost Sales in Shopee Malaysia 2024
Suggestions for How to Boost Sales in Shopee Malaysia 2024
④ Finally, many sellers have reported being banned, and it is important to pay attention to whether the products being sold are violating any policies or contain prohibited words, and make adjustments in a timely manner. In addition, if a product has been removed or the store has been banned, and it is not possible to recover it, a new link must be set up. Sellers can use BigSeller's Copy Listings function to quickly set up a new link.
Suggestions for How to Boost Sales in Shopee Malaysia 2024