Shopee, Lazada is the largest shopping site in Southeast Asia, and the sites you can be on in Southeast Asia are Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. What kind of products are more popular on Shopee and Lazada?

The article gives you a detailed categorization of list on the best selling products given by Lazada official, intended to help you understand which categories are suitable for selling in Southeast Asia, and teach you how to Scrape product in bulk to Southeast Asia local stores from 1688.

1. Lazada Hot Categories:



Women's Clothing

3C Electronics

Mother & Baby

Beauty & Skincare

Men's Footwear


Electronic Accessories

Women's Footwear

Beauty & Skincare

Tools & Home Decor

Home Lifestyle


Beauty & Skincare

Women's Clothing

3C Electronics (Camera)

Luggage & Travel

Furniture & Decoration


Women's Clothing

Sports & Outdoor

Beauty & Skincare

Tools & Furniture

3C Electronics


Apparel & Cosmetics

Electronic Accessories

Small Appliances & Motorcycle Accessories

Tools, Kitchen, Home, Mother & Baby



2. Shopee Hot Selling Categories:


a. Living department store industry


Home care products

Tissues and detergents are indispensable supplies that take up a huge portion of the consumption of home care products. Southeast Asian consumers' demand for home care products is also constantly upgrading. They not only pay attention to the basic functions of the products, but also focus on quality, environmental performance and user experience.

Office stationery and supplies

Southeast Asian consumers prefer black water pens with replacement cartridges and color markers in office stationery consumption. These pens are practical, economical and meet the needs of long-time use.

Pet Supplies

People's interest in pets continues to rise in Southeast Asia, creating a huge market opportunity for pet supply businesses. Food dominates pet-related spending, with dog and cat food at mid-to-high-end prices being hot commodities that have long occupied the pop-up list.


Southeast Asian consumers tend to diversify their demand for bedding, in which bright colors and cute patterns of bedding is especially popular among consumers, to meet their personalized needs for home decoration.

b. FMCG industry



Due to the region's hot and humid climate, consumers have a high demand for waterproof features in beauty products, especially strong oil control and strong waterproof products, which are widely popular. In addition, grooming and false eyelashes are also popular beauty categories among consumers in the region.

Body Care

When choosing skincare products, Southeast Asian consumers favor those with whitening, moisturizing and sun protection functions. Whitening and sunscreen products brighten the complexion and protect the skin from UV rays, while moisturizers and hydrating sprays are a must-have in their skincare routine.

Skincare Products

Facial cleansing products are the dark horse players in skincare, with cleansers and blackhead removing patches becoming trend breakers. Due to the climate of Southeast Asia, consumers are more inclined to clean, oil control, scented products in skin care.

c.Fashion industry


Ladies' Tops

Consumers in Southeast Asia are more inclined to wear styles that are suitable for work commuting, sports and daily life. They prefer basic and versatile styles, with solid colors and cool tones being the mainstream, showing a simple and generous style.

Women's Bags

Southeast Asian female consumers place equal emphasis on fashion and practicality when choosing bags, showing a preference for minimalist tote bags and small purses in macaron colors. Meanwhile, large-capacity canvas bags suitable for commuting are also showing steady growth in the Southeast Asian market.

Sports and Outdoor Clothing

Sweatpants continue to sell well in Southeast Asia, reflecting consumers' pursuit of comfort and fashion. Demand for products such as outdoor apparel will continue to grow as Southeast Asian consumers' focus on health and fashion continues to rise.

d.consumer electronics industry



Consumers in Southeast Asia focus on portability and comfort when choosing headphones, preferring small and rounded styles. Among them, bright and lively colors, macaroon colors and black and white minimalist style headphones are highly popular among young consumers who want to show their unique tastes and styles; waterproof headphones and sports headphones and other styles with special features are also expected to become a potential hit in Southeast Asia where the climate is hot.

Cell Phone Accessories

The popularity of smartphones has given rise to a series of cell phone accessories, of which cell phone stands, charging cables, phone cases and other accessories are particularly attractive in the Southeast Asian market. Cell phone cases not only have the function of protecting cell phones, but also meet the consumers' pursuit of personalized cell phone appearance, bright colors, co-branded style will be loved by young consumers.

Small appliances

Practical and portable small commodities are gradually becoming the favorite of the Southeast Asian market. Due to the hot climate in Southeast Asia, the popularity of handheld fans continues to rise. At the same time, portable emergency light tubes have also become indispensable emergency lighting equipment for Southeast Asian families due to their practical lighting function and easy portability.

3. Scrape 1688's products In Bulk to Southeast Asian stores with one click


After sellers select suitable products for sale on Shopee and Lazada in 1688, they can use the BigSeller Scrape Product In Bulk to quickly hit the store shelves.

Before starting to scrape, you need to Install BigSeller Chrome Extension.
If you cannot visit Google Store, you can install scrape extension manually.

Step 1: Navigate to Products > Scrape Products > Scrape by Extension

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

Step 2: You will be redirected to Google web store, and please click on Add to Chrome > Add Extension

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)


Step 3: Open 1688 Home Page > Search for the product > Hover your mouse on the product > Click on Scrape to BigSeller

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

If the sellers need to Scrape Products In Bulk, also can make it with BigSeller.

PS: Scrape Products In Bulk

You are allowed to scrape product information in bulk from the Shopee category page, store category page, and search results page. Let's take the Shopee search results page as an example to show how to scrape.

Search for Products> Go to the Shopee Search Results Page> Click on Scrape Current Page

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)

Step 4: After scraping, all products gathered will be shown on the Scrape Products, where you can edit and publish the products scraped from other 1688/Shopee/lazada stores.

What are The Best Selling Products On Lazada and Shopee? (2024)


Registering on Lazada&Shopee Seller Center and being a e-commerce seller is quick and easy. However, it is not so simple to make your store stand out and generate revenue. So please keep studying to optimize your store and product listings and master effective marketing strategies.

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