On December 19, 2023, e-commerce platform TikTok Shop Malaysia launched TikTok Shop Mall, an exclusive by-invitation only channel that features a curated selection of brands, reputable retailers and authorized resellers. TikTok sellers who qualify to sell products on TikTok Shop Mall are referred to as TikTok Shop Mall Sellers. So in this blog article, we will elaborate on what TikTok Shop Mall is, what are the benefits of being TikTok Shop Mall Sellers, and how to join TikTok Shop Mall.

What is TikTok Shop Mall in Malaysia? Here is How to Join

1. What is TikTok Shop Mall?

As stated at the beginning of this blog article, TikTok Shop Mall is a virtual shopping mall that features brands for the shopping feature of TikTok users. TikTok Shop Malaysia launches TikTok Shop Mall to support Malaysian brands as well as enhance consumers’ shopping experience. The TikTok Shop Mall feature will provide Malaysian shoppers with access to a curated selection of over 600 local and international brands with authenticity guaranteed, reliable customer service and exclusive benefits, with some notable ones being Mydin, Habib Jewels, Pandora, and Skechers.


2. What are the Benefits of TikTok Shop Mall?

a. TikTok Shop Mall Sellers will have access to the following:

b. TikTok buyers can now not only easily identify and shop from their favorite brands but also enjoy exclusive benefits, such as free shipping and a 15-day return policy.
What is TikTok Shop Mall in Malaysia? Here is How to Join


To identify these TikTok Shop Mall sellers, simply keep an eye out for the special “Mall” tag that is positioned under their profile name when you visit their TikTok Shop, as you can see below:

What is TikTok Shop Mall in Malaysia? Here is How to Join


3. How to be a TikTok Shop Mall seller?

To become a TikTok Shop Mall Seller, TikTok sellers must be invited by TikTok Shop and you must fulfill and maintain the shop performance criteria in the table below:

What is TikTok Shop Mall in Malaysia? Here is How to Join

Please note that TikTok Shop Mall Sellers will be disqualified if you are:


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