Opening a shop on Lazada in 2024 would be a smart option for ecommerce sellers who want to reach more prospective customers and grow their online businesses. To be a seller on Lazada, you need to first understand the selling fees on Lazada. What are the seller fees for selling on Lazada Philippines? In this guide, we will introduce the Lazada Commission Fee and the Lazada Payment Fee for selling on Lazada.

Fees for Selling on Lazada Philippines 2024

1. Lazada Seller Commission Fee

Lazada commission fee will only be charged when an item has been delivered to the customer, based on the unit price of your product. And the commission rates will vary be based on different product categories.

Newly signed up sellers enjoy a 0% commission fee for the first 30 days starting from the seller live date. After this, the standard commission fees will apply.

Starting May 18, 2023, Lazada updated their commission rates for both Marketplace (1%-5%, VAT inclusive) and LazMall (3%-7%, VAT inclusive) sellers.

Commission Rates for Marketplace and LazMall sellers:

Fees for Selling on Lazada Philippines 2024

To view the full Marketplace commission rate table, click HERE.

To view the full LazMall commission rate table, click HERE.

How is the Lazada commission fee computed?
Marketplace Commission Fee = Commission Rate (VAT inclusive)  x (Item Price - Seller Promotions)

An example for calculating Marketplace commission fee:

Fees for Selling on Lazada Philippines 2024


2. Lazada Seller Payment Fee

Another fee that Lazada sellers will be charged for selling on Lazada is the 2.24% Payment Fee, VAT included. Please note that the payment fee will be paid to the payment service provider (i.e. MasterCard, BDO, GCash, VISA).

Fees for Selling on Lazada Philippines 2024

How is the Lazada payment fee calculated?

The Lazada seller payment fee is calculated from the Item Price, minus any seller promotional charges like Seller Vouchers and Flexi Combo, plus the customer paid shipping fee.

Calculation formula and an example:
Fees for Selling on Lazada Philippines 2024