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How to Prepare and Improve Sales of Shopee 618 Campaign

Jojo Lai 28 May 2024 10:44

Shopee 618 Campaign is approaching, presenting a great opportunity to explore ways to increase sales. Below are methods and suggestions to prepare and plan for sales during the Shopee 618 Campaign to help boost your sales:

How to prepare and improve sales of shopee 6.18 Campaign
⭐⭐ Preparation and Planning before the Campaign ⭐⭐

1.Prepare Inventory
During large-scale events, insufficient inventory is a factor leading to missed sales opportunities. Therefore, it's essential to manage inventory in advance, ensuring sufficient stock of popular items to meet the demand during the campaign period. Additionally, sellers should maintain close communication with suppliers to ensure smooth restocking in case of insufficient inventory, avoiding any negative impact on sales.

2.Research Customer Demand and Target Audience Preferences
Before the campaign, utilize data analysis tools and market research to gain deep insights into the purchasing behavior and preferences of the target customer segments. Understand which products are most popular, the price range customers tend to purchase, and the buying motivations during the campaign period. Then, devise promotional strategies that best align with the target audience.

3.Enhance Brand Advertising
In the weeks leading up to the campaign, utilize various channels such as social media, email marketing, and advertising to increase brand and campaign awareness. Publish teaser posts, countdown posters, and campaign information to capture consumers' attention. Additionally, leverage user-generated content (UGC) such as customer reviews and product shares to boost brand trust and appeal.

4.Build Strong Relationships with Consumers
Before the campaign, engage in activities through various channels to build strong relationships with consumers, such as conducting Q&A sessions and giveaway activities on social media, to increase consumer engagement and affinity towards the brand. Timely response to customer inquiries and resolution of post-sales issues can increase customer satisfaction. During the campaign, sending campaign information via chat tools can also boost sales.

This should help you better prepare and increase your sales during the Shopee 6.18 Campaign.

⭐⭐ Operational Suggestions During the Campaign ⭐⭐

1.Utilize Coupons
Issue enticing coupons to stimulate sales growth. Setting time-limited coupons can prompt customers to make purchasing decisions more quickly.

2.Launch Promotional Campaigns
Design appealing promotional activities, such as limited-time discounts on popular products and special offers on new arrivals, to attract more consumers and increase purchasing intent.

3.Advertise Products
Advertise products both within and outside the Shopee platform to increase product exposure. You can utilize Shopee's advertising tools, such as search ads and display ads, to attract target customer groups. Additionally, you can use cross-platform advertising such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads to boost traffic.

4.Optimize Store Page
Design visually appealing store pages, set up product categories and navigation for customers to quickly find desired products, and enhance the shopping experience. Publish high-quality product images and detailed descriptions to help customers understand the products and increase purchase desire.

5.Set Up Product Promotion
Use Shopee's "Boost Now" feature to prioritize product display, increasing exposure and click-through rates. This feature effectively enhances product visibility and sales. On the Shopee platform, you can set up to 5 products each time, with each promotion lasting 4 hours. However, in BigSeller Boost Management, you can prioritize up to 30 products at once without the need to set up in the Shopee seller center every 4 hours; the system automatically queues promotions for 24 hours. This will increase product exposure and continuous product views.

6.Shopee Flash Sale:
A promotional event that encourages buyers to purchase products at discounted prices within a limited time frame. By creating batch Flash Sales at different time slots and using the same promotional discount method, sellers can increase their sales. How to Quickly and Efficiently Create Shopee Flash Sales in Batch

If you are well-prepared, we hope you can increase your sales during the upcoming 618 campaign. We wish you success in this major event!