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A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

Elllie Kuk 23 Jan 2024 11:57

Have you ever bought from a shop with the "Shopee Preferred" badge? Do you also want to be a Shopee Preferred Seller? In this article, we will discuss Preferred Sellers on Shopee. What does Shopee Preferred Seller mean? What are the benefits of being a Shopee Preferred Seller? How to be qualified for the Preferred Seller Programme? And how to apply for it? Read on to discover the step-by-step guide in the following paragraphs.

A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

What are Shopee Preferred Sellers?

Preferred Sellers on Shopee are a group of specially selected sellers who have proved to be able to provide an enhanced shopping experience. Preferred Sellers are easily identified with the “Preferred” label on their shop and listings. When buyers purchase from a Preferred Seller, they can enjoy authentic guarantee and other qualified service like fast.

7 Benefits of being a Shopee Preferred Seller

  • 1. Attract more buyers with the Preferred badge

Preferred Sellers are exclusively selected by Shopee in recognition of their excellent sales and customer service. As a Preferred Seller, you will be identified by the "Preferred" tag shown on your shop and listings.

A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

  • 2. Increase conversion with the “100% Authentic Guarantee” Tag

Additionally, all of your product listings will be tagged with the "100% Authentic Guarantee" tag to further boost your credibility as a Shopee seller. The tag will appear on your product display page offering a Money Back Guarantee should a buyer receive a counterfeit product. IMPORTANT:

If a product is proven to be counterfeit, buyers will be eligible for a 100% refund borne by the seller. In addition to that, the sellers will have their Preferred Seller status revoked.

A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

  • 3. Boost exposure with the “Preferred” Search Filter

There is a “Preferred” search filter exclusive for Preferred Sellers to improve the visibility of your product listings.

A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

  • 4. Grow your business with the Selling Coach tool

Preferred Sellers have access to Selling Coach on the Business Insights page. Selling Coach can help sellers understand the demand and supply in the market, understand their competitors, discover untapped opportunities and improve their listing conversions.You can gain personalized and platform-wide insights on your product strategy and identify growing areas of demand for your products.

  • 5. Increase Sales with Shopee Coins Redemption

Buyers can redeem Shopee Coins to offset their orders during check out at the Preferred Seller’s stores.

  • 6. Enjoy exclusive access to Shop Ads*

*Shop Ads is available to Preferred and ShopeeMall Sellers only.”

Preferred Sellers can enjoy exclusive access to Shop Search Ads and boost their shop exposure, increase shop visits, and improve conversion rate. Their shops will appear at the top of the search results page when buyers search with keywords that match the ads.

  • 7. Have increased listing limits

Preferred Sellers are able to list more products. More products, to a certain extent, can attract a wider range of buyers.
A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024


Required Metrics of a Shopee Preferred Seller

Check the metrics requirements in the table below to see if you are qualified for the Shopee Preferred Seller Programme.

A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024


  • Preferred Sellers are expected to maintain their active Pre-Order Listings below 5%.

  • To minimize the risk of abuse and further maintain the quality of Preferred Sellers, your shop must not have any intangible listings (Intangible listings refer to products that do not require any physical shipment from the seller to buyer, such as apps subscription, digital downloads, etc.). Any existing Preferred Sellers found to have intangible listings will receive an offboarding Push Notification and will be removed from the Preferred Seller Programme for 3 months.

To become a Preferred Seller, Shopee sellers will have to:
  • Have a strong sales record
  • Offer excellent customer service
  • Fulfill all orders quickly and reliably
  • Achieve high shop and product ratings
  • Comply with Shopee's seller policies and maintaining a clean penalty record

How to join the Shopee Preferred Seller Programme?

a. If you manage to meet all the Preferred Seller onboard targets, you'll receive a notification from Shopee to join the Preferred Seller programme. These notifications are sent out on Thursdays.

b. By tapping on the notification under Shopee Updates, you will be directed to a registration page to submit your Identification Card number along with a photo of you holding your IC.
A Complete Guide on How to Be a Shopee Preferred Seller 2024

c. After your submission, you will see a message of acknowledgement (i.g. Your identification card verification is in progress. Once approved, you will become a Preferred Seller on …) on the Preferred Seller page.

d. Do check your Preferred Seller page regularly after your IC submission to see if it has been approved. If it’s successful, you will be automatically onboarded as a Preferred Seller on the following Monday.


Shopee will review the shop performance weekly to maintain the high standards of Preferred Sellers. So continue to monitor your performance targets on the Preferred Seller page even after you have joined the programme. Your Preferred Seller status will be removed if your shop’s performance falls to one of the Performance Criteria.